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You harvested a top quality product. Applied professional post-harvest technologies to maintain quality after harvest. Packed your product as per specification and demands. Now you rely on the cold chain to get your product to your client. How can you manage this process without measuring what is going on in your cold chain transport? Simple. With Fresh-key you have an affordable and safe choice. Measure it. Manage it. Real-time temperature, and humidity measuring and position location.



The recorded data is transmitted to your device. (SMS or e-mail to PC). Nobody can tamper with the real-time info. You are alerted real time if there is a problem. This will ensure peace of mind for you, as you are now capable to know the status of your shipment immediately. No more hiding, no more fairy-tales, fake stories or excuses. If the cold chain failed, on land, on sea or in the air, you know. This system allows you to control and accurately proof who is at fault if there is a problem provided you pay attention to detail and do everything correct till the point of handing over your product to your service provider.



Simple things are the most difficult to design. Our engineers did just that.

Easy operation for 15 or 60 days, signal transmission when in reach of GSM networks, no restrictions i.e. almost every country in the world is covered as our factory designs technical solutions for you and your product. Away from any political decision as your product can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Tested in South Africa