The Filacell System is designed to maintain a constant and ultra high humidity at a constant low temperature, between 0° and 2°C (lower and higher temperatures are possible).

Cooling is achieved by forcing saturated cold air through stacks of palletized products. A large water buffer guarantees that temperature remains constant, at for example +0,5 ˚C, and is not influenced by the warm product, allowing rapid pre-cooling. Counter-flow circulation of air and water regulates both humidity and temperature. No moisture is withdrawn from the product due to constant humidity at about 98% - 99%. Quality is perfectly maintained. 

The Filacell combined with a pressure cooling system results in the best possible pressure gradient and air distribution; but most importantly, it cools down your products 3x faster.

A tarp covers the pallets with products as shown in figure. This creates an under pressure, which will force the cold, humid air through the pallets with your products. Referring to the arrow colors, the air flows from cold to the warmer part of the products; therefore condensation is eliminated.


  • Longer lasting freshness

  • Shorter pre-cooling time

  • Prolonged shelf life

  • Less product weight loss

  • Ensures best product quality




Why does the Filacell system work better than any other conventional refrigeration system?


The Filacell system can safely maintain a constant temperature without fluctuations.
With pre-cooling, big cooling capacity is needed. To reach and maintain a temperature close to 1°C with a conventional refrigeration system, will result in a temperature overshoot inside the cold storage (sometimes up to -10°C). Not only this will cause freezing damage to your product
a defrost cycle is inevitable. Defrost cycles comes with temperature fluctuations, and therefor condensation, mold and not to mention a waste of energy.
Another factor is Low Temperature Decay (LTD). 
In reality farmers don’t pay much attention to this phenomenon, since this is only evident at the end of the supply chain. LTD is mainly responsible for ageing and quality loss and therefor a lower shelf life.


Transpiration, defined as a process of moisture transfer through evaporation and diffusion, can be controlled by temperature and humidity. Fruit and vegetables, generally contain from 80 to 95% water, depending on the product.
Evaporation and diffusion are caused by a Water Vapor 
Pressure deficit, and occurs when there is a difference in Water Vapor Pressure below the epicarp (the skin of the fruit or vegetable) and the atmospheric vapor pressure.
With a conventional system, the circulating air ‘replace’ the Water Vapor Pressure with cold, dry air, and make it possible for the produce to transpire. When using the Filacell, the Relative Humidity will be constant and above 95%. This makes it harder for the equilibrium state of the produce to diffuse and will result in minimal dehydration, and therefor prevents shriveling of your produce and wilting of the stems.

Proven post-harvest technology that works for you...

  • Constant high humidity (98-99%) of cold air

  • Constant temperature to a minimum of + 0,5°C

  • Suitable for most products

  • Minimum moisture loss; therefor minimum weight loss

  • No condensation or frost damage on your product

  • No defrost period during pre-cooling

  • No repackaging after pre-cooling

  • Constant filtering of airborne pathogens, and undesirable gasses

  • Available in standard sizes and capacities, or custom-built to your requirements

  • Low energy and maintenance cost

  • Simple operation

  • Safe, Fast and Proven


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