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UTE is the Approved and Authorized Southern Africa Distributor for Miatech Inc. Clackamas, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Applied Post Harvest Technologies with accurate controlled RH applications, Ethylene removal with US patented technologies as well as Airborne Bacteria removal are the three top priorities. Furthermore, Miatech offers solutions for energy savings with air-cooled condensers, water treatment, professional pack house and outdoor cooling, various supermarket solutions from Produce Misting, Meat- and Seafood Humidification, Exclusive Night Blinds for supermarkets, Greenhouse- and Wine humidification systems. (www.miatech.org) (www.bio-turbo.com)

Cotes dehumidifying from Denmark

In the process of implementing Applied Postharvest Technologies, it became clear that it is all a matter of managing Humidity. In the beginning of the process after harvest, you need humidification, at the end station in the big central warehouse type cold room complexes, you need management of humidity as you otherwise create your own rain in the cold room resulting in severe condensation. That is detrimental to the product. In becoming a Pro-Partner for Cotes from Denmark, a world-renowned leader in its field, it is a recognition from our field- and industry expertise.


Nijssen from Leiden in the Netherlands

About Nijssen

When working with Nijssen, you will be dealing with specialists who have a passion for refrigerating engineering - always seeking the best solution for your situation. Their key strengths are a strong commitment, short reporting lines, continuity, and excellent business partners. They have a clear mission: they take away any concerns you may have on refrigeration. Their people make the difference: they guarantee their quality.

A name in industrial refrigerating engineering

The Nijssen family started in the refrigerating engineering business in 1948. Subsequently, Nijssen Koeling made its name as a developer of leading-edge industrial refrigeration systems. Over the years they gradually added wet cooling systems, ripening chambers and plant cultivation chambers to their product line-up. From then on they simply became known as Nijssen. 

Custom-built at all times

Over the course of the years, they have built many refrigeration systems. Every single one of these systems was entirely custom-built – matching the client’s products, quality requirements and business operations. Nijssen has always been able to differentiate themselves by applying the latest technology. 

Quality in-house

Design, installation, control, service, and maintenance – they do all this entirely in-house. This enables them to fully deploy their expertise and experience. Choosing Nijssen means choosing a reliable partner that guarantees perfect installation. 


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