Our company's philosophy:

Attention to detail 

Through our never-ending drive in the South African Agricultural industry over the years to implement practical engineering ideas, we realized not only that the only source of knowledge is experience, but it doesn't help to keep that experience for you, you'd rather share... in workable solutions.

Innovation works... 


In fact, post harvest technologies it just not about selling machines only, it is all about offering the client the correct solutions.

It's all about a partnership between farm and solution provider to implement the right mindset, philosophy and attitude. 


You grow the best possible quality fruit in your orchard. And that’s 99% of your work done. Yet, every year again you run into the problem that you are penalized with quality claims… Why? Simple. Because the Cold Chain is not kept.

Attention to detail…

Some people believe that refrigeration is the “nec plus ultra” when it comes to post-harvest treatments… (Much like salting in the olden days)

However, refrigeration science has not advanced to the point where desirable humidity levels can be stabilised and maintained 24/7 and then we don’t even talk about airborne bacteria and ethylene gas removal.

There is a widespread and misplaced belief in the fruit-, vegetable- and flower industries that refrigeration in cold rooms is the sole solution to get the desired humidity levels in order to get the proper results in preserving quality after harvest for these products.

Despites, very clever people, trying to convince you that you can check the humidity levels at the end of the cooling cycle, which is mostly at a high level at that stage thus trying to proof that they did their job, nature never breaks her own laws.

Fair enough and in their “defence”, refrigeration technology has advanced in a way that ideal temperature and humidity levels can be “pre-set” but they simply cannot be maintained 24/7 due to all kind of issues.

Preserving quality after harvest does not come by chance. Not one machine on its own can solve this. Its technology, philosophy and attitude. That’s all. Don’t get fooled, or fool yourself. If it’s not done properly, it’s not done. Pay attention to detail, we do. It will save you big money and your quality claims will vanish… If you produce quality fruit in the orchard that is.

Jan Lievens

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