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Picking Grapes


Audit and implementation of Post Harvest Technologies.


We are offering a full route cause analysis.

Miatech USA

We are official dealer for Professional RH implementation, ethylene and airborne bacteria removal.

Total project

We offer a full project service from harvesting till loading of containers. Also new project design assistance taking full professional post harvest procedures in consideration.

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In 1998 we were introduced to Cees Nijssen from Holland, an expert in preserving quality after harvest. He sparked our interest into the specialized field of applied post harvest technologies. Specifically looking after fruit, flowers and vegetables after they have been harvested. Quite easy you might think, but you will be greatly surprised how difficult it really is. In fact, nature never breaks her own laws and will never do. Once you understand that concept, you will understand our roll and philosophy. Jan Lievens is called "green stem" in the industry for a reason. The philosophy that he has  developed is widely excepted by international experts and will condition the quality you grow till far away markets.



"It's with great pleasure that I can vouch for Jan Lievens and UTE. His knowledge and especially the Post harvest technology he developed for table grapes are phenomenal."

Arnold Viljoen 

MSc - Viticulture  - TopFruit SA



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